July 2010

Professional Music Piracy, It is out to get YOU!

Music Piracy

Unbeknown to most record labels and music producers there are thousands of professional music pirates out there who are just waiting for your latest release and hard work to make them some quick easy money.

These pirates make a living from simply buying a copy of your music and then uploading it to file hosts who will pay them for every time an illegal copy is downloaded. Don’t believe us? Then try this Google search. You will see there are hundreds of file hosting sites that provide affiliate accounts where they will pay around $8 per 1000 illegal downloads a file you upload to them gets.

These file hosts make their money through advertising to a visitor while they are downloading a file. They don’t care what files they are hosting as long as they are getting downloaded and therefore adverts are getting seen. They won’t get shut down because they plead innocence based on the concept that they can’t check the ownership of uploads and therefore will only take files down once they have received a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice.

So if your part of the music industry while they are making money, the pirate is making money you are losing money. Sound fair to you?

The source of most of the original files these pirates are using are download stores. The pirates will buy a track for £1.30 as soon as it is released and will then upload it to several of these hosts in one go using an upload tool. Simple as drag and drop. Say this track gets downloaded 500 times on each file host and they uploaded it to 10 then suddenly they get $40 (£25) in thier bank. If they do this for a whole album of tracks then that is £300. Not bad for less than 5 minutes work and a spend of £15.60.

So what can we do to stop this massive drain on your income? Easy, by integrating AudioLock.NET into download stores we can actually identify the professional pirates and stop them getting the tracks in the first place. If all download stores were to use AudioLock.NET then it would be possible to generate a list of banned IP address, Names, Addresses and Credit Cards. Then each store could simply block any purchases from these thus choking the pirate from getting music in the first place. In addition AudioLock.NET monitors the internet for any illegal copies and will automatically issue takedown notices ensuring file hosts don’t get a chance to profit from this illegal activity.

Yahoo News, AudioLock.NET anti piracy launch

You can view our latest press release about the launch of AudioLock.NET on the Yahoo News site. The response to this has been beyond our expectations. It is clear that there are thousands of record labels, producers and bands around the world who are really suffering from the problems with piracy.

We have also received some functionality requests which we are considering and we will be releasing our development roadmap soon so you can see what is yet to come.

Digital Music Trends – 53 Piracy Prevention

Digital Music Trends has started a series of podcasts covering music piracy starting with an interview with AudioLock.NET CEO Ben Rush. You can listen below.

[soundcloud url="http://soundcloud.com/digitalmusictrends/episode-53"]

Music Piracy Videos

There are many news articles circulating the web which say that record labels are not really effected by music piracy. Just call almost any record label or professional producer and you will quickly find that this is really not the case. Professionals in the industry are being hugely effected which has a huge knock on to related industries such as digital marketing agencies or web developers. This is a very serious state of affairs. You may have been aware of the official advert which was being played before films at the cinema in the UK. You can see it here.

This has born many funny parody adverts a few of which are below.

First one from the IT Crowd (If you have never seen it get the DVDs)

You have to watch this one directly on YouTube

Here is Jack Black with his message on piracy