September 2010

Anti Piracy at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2010

CD Watermarking

AudioLock.NET will be attending the Amsterdam Dance Event 2010 to discuss music piracy and how record labels can cost effectively tackle it. We will also be launching a new feature of the already powerful array of anti music piracy tools available at AudioLock.NET which will now allow you not only to protect digital copies of your music but also CDs. The feature will allow you to select tracks or an album and who you would like to send the CDs to. The system will then automatically burn the CDs, print the discs, print a cover letter and the envelope before dispatching to your intended recipient.

This means from the same system you can with just a few clicks deliver digital or physical copies that are AudioLock’ed without having to burn them yourself.

If you would like to arrange a meeting at the Amsterdam Dance Event 2010 then we have a few times left on the 20th September so get in touch.