January 2011

Zero day releases could increase piracy profits

With a number of major record labels now releasing tracks for sale on the same day that they get radio play for the first time there is potentially an unforeseen bonus for professional pirates. The reason for zero day releases is to try to reduce the lost sales caused by leaked pirated promos. While it will tackle this it does also mean there will be increased demand on the day of release when pirates can very easily buy a copy of the track on release and ride the wave of demand to maximise their ill gotten gains.

With so many file sharing sites (I am not going to help them by listing them here) now offering upto $30 for every 1000 times an illegal track is downloaded the pirates which are already buying releases as soon as they come out and are automatically uploading to several of these sites at a time are set to make even more.

Part of the reason this is such an issue is that these filesharing sites benefit from Googles indexing algorithum and therefore are frequently higher is a search that legitimate stores. This drives potential customers direct to these illegal sites.

A search for the current No.1 (Bruno Marz – Grenade) showed 6 out of the top 10 results to be illegal sites all of which are offering money to the person who uploaded the file.

Using AudioLock.NET to easily watermark every copy of music bought in download stores is the solution. The system does not affect the quality of sound and works on all audio formats while at the same time automatically alerts stores to which of their customers are the source of these leaks. AudioLock.NET is also able to issue automatically DMCA takedown notices thus quickly removing the leaks 24/7.

It is clear having been listening to presentations and feedback from labels at Midem 2011 that piracy is a huge issue directly affecting revenue streams, however they largely feel helpless to stop it. AudioLock.NET has been developed by music professionals to provide a cost effective real solution with the ability to actually grow revenues again.