April 2012

The best anti-piracy for music is innovation

Last week saw the RIAA announcing that the most important tool to fight piracy is innovation. You can read the full article on torrent freak here.

The news is very welcome news at AudioLock.NET HQ because for the past few years on top of the scanning, takedown and watermarking services we have been busy developing a range of services and tools both internally and in partnership with a few cutting edge companies to help labels maximise the revenue from their content. This is achieved with efficient marketing techniques as well as some new revenue streams. Two of these will be announced over the next month with some key labels and artists taking the lead.

Wupload closes it’s sharing

Following recent pressure from MPAA on a few of the filesharing sites Wupload and Fileserve have disabled thier sharing ability. This means only the uploader of files can actually now download them. This shows just how shaken the file lockers are following the takedown of Megaupload. Whether this is a permanent move  or just while they feel the heat, time will tell.

While recent moves to close specific locker and other file hosting sites have had success it is clear from data gathered by AudioLock.NET that many new lockers are appearing and the number of files being loaded to some others has greatly increased.

Watch this space….

Wupload Stops Sharing


AudioLock.NET launches piracy advertising detection service

The AudioLock.NET lab team have been busy working on a solution to identify which companies are paying for adverts against illegally hosted copyrighted content. The objective for this service is to stop these companies unknowingly funding the locker sites and portals. These sites rely on advertising income and therefore reducing this would have a big effect.

The service is able to continually scan sites showing adverts and not only identify the copyrighted content that is made available on the page but also identify each of the brands advertising on the page as well as the advert network the adverts are being delivered through. The system can do this from any country ensuring adverts covering every region are detected.

The key to this system is the brand identification module which uses super computing techniques to inspect every single advert for a match against it’s growing database of logos and ads. The power of this system means that it can process vast numbers of webshots a second even compensating for rotation, resizing and changes in colour of the elements it is searching for.

With this technology AudioLock.NET is able to provide content owners in conjunction with advertising agencies with a tool to quickly identify who is advertising against copyrighted content, providing a detailed report at the same time as having the content removed.

For enquirers please contact sales@audiolock.net