May 2012 goes turbo!

Following the removal of Rapidgator which had very quickly become the locker to fill the gap following the Megaupload takedown earlier in the year traffic has increased on alternatives such as turbobit and zippyshare. The jump is not huge however more interestingly at AudioLock.NET we have detected a huge jump in the number of Turbobit links being discovered.

Since the shutdown of Rapidgator we have seen almost 4 times as many links being found for content that prior (which was also pretty stable). The speed and repetitiveness of the creation of links suggests that these are being done programatically by sites linking to the files to try to replace those removed. The incentive is there because Turbobit offers good payouts to uploaders of $20 for every 1000 downloads as well as 60% return on selling premium accounts. Many music producers and labels have no idea that these lockers are paying out large sums to uploaders and therefore don’t realise how much money people are making for pirating their music. Many sites that link to the music hosted on lockers are professionally run and link to several lockers to ensure they get a good return for the time they take to source and upload the music.

The above graph shows how some of the traffic has shifted from Rapidgator to other lockers as well as the huge effect closing Megaupload had.

Rapidgator still offline after shutdown

Following Rapidgator being removed from it’s host on the 15th May the site is still not back despite a message promising it would return within a few days. The message itself has not changed either suggesting that perhaps it might stay offline.

Update 4/06/2012 – Rapidgator is now backup however it would appear the old files are inaccessible probably due to them not being copied across to the new host.

Rapidgator offline after being kicked off it’s host

Rapidgator was kicked off it’s host and have posted a message suggesting that they not only have been told they can no longer host but also dont have access to the old data. This could mean that money they should have paid to uploaders is unlikely to appear. This could cause alot of bad feeling among the professional pirates. We no doubt will see on the boards.