August 2012

Badongo shuts it’s doors

Badongo file sharing logoYet another longstanding illegal file locker has been shut down. Badongo was not the biggest locker but certainly still provided a large number of links to illegal content uploaded by users. The fact that yet another file locker has shut up shop could be a sign of the ever increasing pressure from content owners and legal bodies. It could also indicate that the business is getting much tougher. We see about three new file locker sites appear each week; most are comparatively small but they are numerous and all trying to get a slice of the pie. Conversely we see roughly similar numbers go offline each week but there has been a big increase in the number of companies entering the illegal file locker market following the legally forced closure of Megaupload. The huge profits announced by authorities which megaupload made no doubt further encouraged this illegal and detrimental trade in pirated music.

Google will punish sites linking or hosting pirate content

Google announced that from next week it will adjust the weighting in its ranking index for sites that link to or host pirate content. The new weighting will be based on the number of upheld DMCA requests that Google has receives for any given site. This will significantly aid content owners who often find sites like zippyshare ranking much higher than the legal sites selling their licensed content.

Ben Rush – CEO of AudioLock stated: “AudioLock continues to send DMCA notices to Google for customers content and so it will be very interesting to see which sites get punished with their new weighting system. We will be keeping a close eye on this using our analysis tools whilst continuing to help our clients by advising them on the best ways to optimise the legal places to access their content.”

If done properly this could have a massive impact on the creative industries at a time when they need it most.

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