November 2012

Almost 20% of artists in the beatport top 50 protected by Audiolock

Synergy are back at No. 1 in Beatport Chart whilst nine other charting labels in the top 50 are protected by AudioLock countermeasures. AudioLock are delighted with these results and being able to help our customers achieve such success. See red highlighted labels in the Beatport Chart.

Abel Kid’s Zumba Socks No1 Tech house – AudioLock do it again

AudioLock again yesterday helped to secure the No.1 spot on the Beatport Tech House chart for Abel Kid’s Zumba Socks. Another success proving the effectiveness of quality piracy protection in helping a release campaign succeed.

Karim Hass, General Manager at Synergy Recordings stated “Thanks for helping us to get top #1 at Beatport’s Tech House Chart, we are very happy with your help.”

Axtone’s piracy protected track hits No.1 in Beatport chart

AudioLock has helped secure the number one spot in the Beatport chart for Axtone’s latest sensation ‘Sunrise’.

The label’s chart position is testament in part to the benefits of protecting new releases with secure watermarking in the promo phase of a campaign. To date the complete absence of links to pirate sites hosting Sunrise underscores the effectiveness of watermarking as a process to prevent promo’s being leaked. Watermarking makes recipients accountable so they are much less inclined to share or leak promo’s they are privileged to receive.

Regarding the effectiveness of AudioLock Axwell asserted “piracy has been a massive problem for any music producer. Now this system gives us the power to take back control of our music.”

Ben Rush, AudioLock CEO stated “we are proud to see an artist who has been with us since the start charting so high, success down in part to our anti-piracy technology.”