Judge Jules becomes anti-piracy ambassador

Judge Jules has become a leading ambassador in the fight against commercial music piracy.Judge-Jules-AudioLock

The acceptance of this position with leading music anti-piracy company AudioLock follows a well-received panel on music piracy in which he participated with AudioLock at the inaugural Brighton Music Conference. The ex-Radio 1 DJ and lawyer (aka Jules O’Riordan) was joined by Simon Hills of Axtone Records (Axwell’s label) and Marcus Scott of Hyperdub.

Jules said: “Until I met AudioLock at the Brighton Music Conference I had no idea that this was how piracy worked. Labels and artists have to understand it is not fans or future fans sharing their music, but commercial companies exploiting their hard work for profit at their cost. If they understand this then they can do some simple things to protect themselves.”

Jules’s initial understanding of commercial piracy is not uncommon in an industry where many still believe piracy to be inevitable, and that it is just fans enthusiastically sharing music with one another. The reality is much starker. Music piracy is a huge and largely automated commercial venture where the operators illicitly profit from other peoples music. Whether you’re an unknown artist or Adele you’re ripped off in the same way.

Here’s AudioLock’s CEO and founder Ben Rush on how it works: “A pirate writes a simple automated program which will obtain the release as soon as it is available either through a download store or through what is known as a release site which provides access to promos before the release date. This program generates links to download the music from cyber lockers and then posts them on their own website, onto social media and music forums. Every click of these links generates money for the pirate and not just a small amount.

“Oboom, a new relatively new cyber locker offers the pirate uploader 50 euros for 1000 downloads of an album. Furthermore they also offer high revenue shares of premium subscribers. They make no mention of this on their web site which looks very professional but it is easy to find this information along with hundreds of other lockers offering deals on forums which are frequented by pirates.

“So let us assume a pirate downloads 25 releases per week and makes them into wav files and they get 500 downloads on each as an average. That is 625 euros or 32,500 euros a year.”

Judge Jules, or Jules O’Riordan as he’s now known as a lawyer at top music law firm Sherdans, joins the ranks of Hed Kandi’s founder and owner of the label Fierce Angel Mark Doyle and legendary chill out producer Steve Miller aka Subatomic, responsible for hits like Jakatta’s classic “American Dream” and the café del mar series as AudioLock Ambassadors. All three music industry figureheads are committed to educating the industry and helping stamp out commercial music piracy.