October 2015

AAA – ADE, AFEM and AudioLock

We are pleased to report that AudioLock recently returned from yet another highly successful ADE. Amsterdam’s world-leading dance music event celebrated it’s 20th birthday and was, as ever, a fantastic event for music, business and creative thought. Alongside the usual high level of organisation we would like to extend our thanks to the organisers for including our CEO Ben Rush into this year’s ADE the programme. Featuring on the panel focussed on ‘Best Practice – Piracy After The Death of Downloads’ Ben was joined by IMPALA’s Robin van Beek, Talpa Music’s Pieter van Bodegraven, DJ and Producer Victor Simonelli and SXMusic Festival’s Alex Fish. A lot of new information was shared and the questions instigated a lively discussion.


Flowing from ADE we are also proud to announce that Tristan Hunt, AudioLock’s Director of Business Development, has been elected onto the Executive Board of the Association For Electronic Music (AFEM). The AFEM is a not-for-profit trade organisation which represents the interests of the dance music industry worldwide. Tristan’s role will be to help deliver positive, meaningful change across a number of key issues but with special attention given to new tech solutions and harm reduction. The tenure of his post is two years. If you’re an AFEM member (or not) and have questions, concerns or contributions for the greater betterment of our industry we would be delighted to hear from you.

The Executive board will work closely to support AFEM CEO Mark Lawrence to deliver the strategy agreed by the Board of Advisors. A copy of the full Executive Board is below.


Creator Sector:
John Acquaviva (DJ, Artist & Plus 8 Fund) & Francis Wright p/k/a Felix (Artist )

Live Sector:
Claudio Da Rocha Miranda Filho (MM Live) & Ritty Van Stralen (SFX)

Rights Holder Sector:
Ralf Kollmann (Mobilee Records ) & John Truelove (Truelove Music Publishing)

Technology & Software Sector:
Liz Muirhead (BMAT Music Innovations) & Tristan Hunt (AudioLock)

Development & Professional Support Sector:
Richard Hoare (Lawyer) & Mark Quail (Lawyer)

Retail & Infrastructure Sector:
Lee Morrison (Believe Digital) & Matt Abbott (Label Worx)

Media Sector:
Andi Durrant (Distorted)

Not for Profit & Education Sector:
Pedro Nonato (Rio Music Conference)

For further information on joining the AFEM browse to: www.associationforelectronicmusic.org/