October 2016

AudioLock Monthly Roundup – October Edition

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AudioLock Monthly Roundup – October Edition

October has been a busy month for us, forging new partnerships and attending the fantastic Amsterdam Dance Event.

New Partnerships

We are delighted to announce two new partnerships this month.

Radar Music Videos is the world’s leading music video commissioning platform. They connect you to the best up & coming directors worldwide, so you can commission affordable, creative and engaging music videos. The service is used by major and independent record labels, managers and artists. It is completely free to use and there are no hidden fees or percentages.
We did a short Q&A for them which can be found here. 

Paradise Distribution is an independent music and video distribution network with offices in Berlin and San Francisco. With over a decade of fostering established relationships in the music industry, a worldwide network, and a proven track record of staying ahead of market trends, Paradise stands as one of the premier hybrid aggregators in the digital media landscape offering Label-Distribution, Self/Direct-Distribution with Paradise’s in-house solution PRDS Direct as well as a Music-MCN.

All our current partners can be found here. 

There are benefits available to any AudioLock user that also uses a partner’s service, to find out more please get in touch.

ADE https://www.amsterdam-dance-event.nl/live/

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is an established fixture in our event calendar. Now in our 6th year of attendance 2016 proved to be another very successful conference. We met with our partners (under NDA) to share AL 2.0 – the first time we’ve done this since the concept was developed – and the response so far has been universally positive. A number of new prospective clients are in the pipeline as well as two new partnerships.